Council Description:

The Security Council has the primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security. The Security Council consists of 15 voting members: 5 permanent members (P5) and ten rotating non-permanent members which are elected every two years. The mandates of the Security Council can be seen in Chapter V of the UN Charter. The P5 Members have the right to “veto” the final resolution. The resolution of the Security Council is legally-binding to all Member States and has the power to impose sanctions on certain Member States.


The Second Wave of Desolation: The Rohingyan Genocide

Topic Description:

The Rohingya conflict is one of the world's longest ongoing civil wars in human history. The fighting between the Myanmar government against the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army and Arakan Army rebels has made the Muslim-minority ethnic a target for various atrocities. After a month of the ICJ ruling the case as a route of pursuing accountability, the international community refocuses their attention on the Rohingya situation. Yet, this does not change much of the situation, as the ongoing airstrikes and landmines between Myanmar military forces and the rebels have imposed a heavy toll on civilians. Set in a month after the ICJ ruling, This council shall re-discuss whether humanitarian assistance is possible in this conflict.