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The United Nations Environment Programme is the leading environmental body of the United Nations. It aims to strengthen environmental standards nationally, regionally, and globally while also encouraging partnerships to tackle environmental issues with the basis of scientific evidence. It also includes assisting developing countries in developing their policies and practices more sustainably


Ending The Threat of Forest Fire

Topic Description:

The cases of forest fire have increased by 84% this year, especially in the Amazon as the result of the emerging climate change. The combustible biomass that spreads wildfire known as the forest fuel, becomes even drier which results in lighting the fire easier and harder to extinguish. In addition, human’s vandalism to set the fire on purpose for agricultural or mining activities have also contributed to the increasing number of forest fires. These pose a huge danger to human existences causing pollution, wildlife endangerment, and even climate refugees. This is exactly why wildfires affect climate change and vice versa. Given the global consequences of forest fire, addressing the responsibility and culpability to restore the damages are vital to prevent further destruction. Will a “one-size-fits-all” solution be applied or a “case-by-case” approach should be taken in tackling this issue?