Council Description:

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is an international permanent court that is established to investigate, prosecute, and try individuals accused of committing internationally-recognized crimes of the gravest degree, such as Genocide, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Crimes of Aggression. The main legal basis for the ICC is the Rome Statute, thus, the ICC could only have jurisdiction over a state that is a party to the statute.


Paramount of the Second Ivorian Civil War: The Case Against Simone Gbagbo

Topic Description:

The 2010 electoral dispute in Côte d'Ivoire was a mere precursor to the following Second Ivorian Civil War, bringing upon a detrimental impact to the lives of innocents, and the significance of international humanitarian law (IHL). These post-electoral crises that have occurred for four months have warranted the International Criminal Court (ICC) to prosecute, and adjudge those allegedly responsible for such atrocities, one of whom is the former first lady of Côte d'Ivoire: Simone Ehivet Gbagbo. The case against Simone Gbagbo shall allow the delegates to view the court proceedings in the eyes of the prosecutor, the defense, or the victims’ counsel, in conformity with the Rome Statute of the ICC, and the prevailing principles of IHL.