Council Description:

Since its establishment in 2002, the African Union has its purpose of establishing guidelines and promoting coordination between the independent African states. It consists of 55 African states that make up the continent. The philosophy of Pan-Africanism that has been upheld by this body differs African Union from other regional bodies in the world by also embracing Africa's culture and heritage.


Eradicating Weaponization of Sexual Violence as Strategy of War in Africa

Topic Description:

The usage of sexual violence as a tool of war has been used widely, but has not been openly discussed. Minority groups, women in particular, have suffered from psychological and physical pain ranging from trauma, unwanted pregnancy, to even sexually-transmitted diseases such as HIV. This tactic has been used to strengthen controls over one country as a penal code of conduct and even worse, ethnic cleansing and/or genocide. These crimes have not been tried or punished due to difficult investigation because the evidence is often hard to present and social stigma that prevents women from testifying. The lack of supporting infrastructure due to poverty as well as lack of institutional capacity in Africa, making “war rape” uncontrollable, specially in DR Congo, Libya, Chad, and Sudan. This council aims to formulate feasible solutions to stop this practice in Africa.