Plan Yacarta: The Cold War in Latin America (1968-1989)

Difficulity: Advanced

Single Delegate

Topic Description:

The period between 1968 and 1989 in Latin America was a turbulent one for Latin America. In the past couple of decades, the region had seen pushback after pushback against United States (US) imperialism in places like Cuba and Nicaragua when leftist forces often won elections in countries economically dominated by the US. In 1954, the first chips fell when the US overthrew the Guatemalan government. Then Brazil in 1962 and with the election of Salvador Allende in Chile, now it set its sights on the Pacific country, and with it, the key to keeping the “America’s backyard” safe from communism. Inspired by the methods used by Indonesian anti-communists in Jakarta, they would stop at nothing to ensure that their country is free from communist influence. Operation Condor will thus depict the period of time in which the US was heavily involved in regime change and counterinsurgency programs in Latin America. Within the context of the Cold War, these activities would ensure that Soviet influence would be contained to a handful of small, easily isolatable countries while ensuring the cooperation of Latin American governments with US corporate interests.2 Delegates will take the role of a number of figures both public and clandestine in this effort to ensure US dominance over the region.

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